Pan pickle is making cooking easier and more safe for kids & those with visual and mobility difficulties

A stick on guide for stove tops

Who is Pan Pickle For?

Using a pan pickle is like having an extra arm holding your pans in place, useful for everyone, but designed for those who might need that extra hand in the kitchen 


NHS Burn units see over 14 toddlers everyday. Kitchen incidents are their 2nd most likely incident.  

Visual Impairments 

Pan pickle adds a safe tactile element to stoves, and the bright colour aids those with partial sight     

Age related challenges

Issues with independent living can come gradually, a pan pickle is a aesthetically pleasing way to make cooking safer

Limited mobility

Whether you're in a wheelchair, missing a limb or dealing with motor issues, cooking enough to keep your mind on without dealing with sliding pans. Pan Pickle locks your cookware for easy stirring

How to use Pan Pickle

 Pan Pickles can be trusted and placed wherever you like using it's  super strong heat resistant backing;

The story so far

From a university project to today, design changes and winning an RSA Student design award

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